At the start of the year we would never have guessed that our end of year report would be about how to survive a pandemic but here we are. We’re honoured to have traversed this new world with some of the best and brightest across industries and learned a lot along the way.

The lockdown has been a time for reaching out to our industry partners to see if they need our support and to take time to check in and see how they are, not just from a business perspective.

We have been busy, there is a lot activity in the market although in some cases decision are taking longer as clients may be out of the country or shielding, or simply awaiting for the markets to react to the current Global situation. Brexit is also playing a factor in this regard.

People have not been dashing between meetings, therefore time has been more readily available, resulting in some very productive teams and Zoom meetings with people, that without a lockdown, might not be so readily available.

We have also used this time to reflect on our marketing activities, how we engage with our clients and look at more collaborative ways we can work with our valued clients and their teams. We are fortunate to be in a position to recruit a team to deliver a robust marketing strategy in partnership with the True Group and Skylark, who will be designing our new website, launching in early 2021.

Communication is key at times like this, and whilst our client outreach has been ongoing we also identified a need to launch an internal comms piece to help our teams feel more connected.

Phil Cheevers , Managing Director, Cheevers Poole

Out of this challenging period we have experienced some wonderful opportunities and feel very fortunate to have this time to fine tune our marketing message and service delivery.